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I’m a stereotypical dumb American, so I know very little about Iceland.

The Top5 most Liked posts this week reviewed by Sally.

1. Icelandic Contemporary Design in Stockholm

But I do know that Bjork is a product of it, so it can’t be all bad, right? When you Image Google search ‘Iceland,’ it goes “Related searches: iceland woman.” I guess Iceland is where babes come from. Further proof that Iceland is kinda rad: hello, would you look at that Blue Lagoon geothermal spa? This reminds me of the Japanese Macaques (snow monkeys), which hang out in hot springs that are surrounded by snow. Things I’ve never done before: visit a hot spring that’s surrounded by snow. How is it that I work 40+ hours a week but a goddamn monkey has it better than me? Whatever.


2. Les Fines Lamps by Goodbye Edison

Kids these days. I have this theory. Like Tupac or Elvis, I believe that Edison isn’t dead. I think his star power got too bright, and he had to fake his own death so that he could (and continues to (yes, I know that makes him 150+ years old whatever he probably invented how to stay young forever)) lead a normal life. “Goodbye Edison” is some blasphemy. “Goodbye Edison,” seriously? This designer has a big head. You didn’t invent the LED, guy. And it’s not Edison inventing the electric light bulb was a walk in the park Dude was referred to as “The Wizard.” Gosh. Have some respect for your elders.


3. Résidence St-Hubert by Plasse Rasselet Architects

The person who this house was built for has a material fetish, so let me know their e-mail address so I can add them to my Facebook “Material Fetishers” group.


4. Wireless Charging Technology From eCoupled

I know this is “amazing” and “groundbreaking,” but how am I suppose to clean it? I’m assuming it’s either lucite or glass. Do you know how many bottles of Windex I’d have to stock to keep this fingerprint-free? And don’t even get me started on the amount of scratches it’ll get if it’s lucite. Dip it in titanium and then get back to me.


5. Nulla Lamp by Davide Groppi

This is how a UFO spotting happens.

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