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Your Top5 This Week


Whenever an architect says “I wanted to blur the boundaries between outdoor and in” I sort of cringe.

The Top5 most Liked posts this week reviewed by Sally.

1. Haines House by Christopher Polly

Because, you know, a lot of them say that and very few execute the idea. But then Christopher Polly (who didn’t say that, btw) goes and designs this Haines House and “blurs the boundaries between outdoor and in” and I couldn’t agree more.


2. Record House Revisited by David Jameson

I’m a texture and material whore so I really am digging this house. The floors paired with the wood-paneled walls with what appears to be some type of white stone tile for the fireplace is seriously making me sweat. Also there’s some Corian action up in here. I’m still riding the Corian train. Choo choo (I got nothing this morning).


3. Fill In The Blank Wallpaper by Ryan Cox

The only thing wrong with this is that it’s not in my house.


4. Raindrop Watering Can by Bas van der Veer

Nothing says “gardening” like a blobject that’s canary yellow.


5. H4 House by Brio54

F**k, do I ever love this house. The interiors are totally “whatever” but how about that facade, eh? Do you think you could even muster up the balls to go inside of it? I’d just stand outside awkwardly, wondering if it improved of my outfit. This is the Anna Wintour of exteriors.

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