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Your Top5 This Week


“Holy s**t,” right? This is the Cognac of houses.

The Top5 most Liked posts this week reviewed by Sally.

1. Family House in Pavilniai Regional Park by Architektu Biuras G.Natkevičius

It’s in a regional park? I have a personal request. Dear architect of this house whose name I can’t pronounce, can you please invite me over? You don’t even have to let me in. I’d be happy standing outside and gawking at this house (not blinking) for hours. Is there anything wrong with it? Aside from me not living there? F**k, wait. I have a serious question. This is a glass house. Is the bathroom floor-to-ceiling windowed too? I have a shy bladder. I can’t pee here!


2. Cubby House by Edwards Moore

When I was a teenager, my favorite material was compressed plywood. I still have a major soft spot for it in my cold, dead heart. It’s super cheap and totally beautiful. Its texture is divine. You don’t have to do anything to it. In fact, if you paint or varnish it it looks stupid. Anyway, I love when architects utilize it. It’s a rarity because most folks think it has an unfinished look, but that’s precisely what I find beautiful about it. I like raw materials and I wish we didn’t have to sauce everything up all the time. Bravo, Edwards Moore.


3. Hoopers Island Residence by David Jameson Architect

Holy s**t, all of the most liked posts of the week are f**king so on point. What’s not to love about this? I know it’s totally more expensive to build three small structures instead of one big one. But if you’ve got money to burn let’s light a match, right? Is that an outdoor shower? Or a structure that only houses a shower? Right now I have the biggest girl boner.


4. Morph Chandelier by Alicja Wasielewska

I’m really into this chandelier, but I want to talk about this: “delicate weave of ultra-modern optic fiber technology that is based on the idea of a traditional crochet pattern.” Slow it doooown, Alicja. You don’t have spew bulls**t. This chandelier is fantastic. And no offense, but optic fiber technology is ultra-modern. It’s not like you modernized it. It’s f**king fiber technology. It’s basically from outer space or something.


5. Casa Grove I by MATEU Architecture

Occasionally I’ll be reading the press release or architect’s statement about a house that was built and it’ll give a little too much information about the personal life of the inhabitants. For instance, this house was designed “for the main public space to be buffered from the traffic and street noise by a front structure that contains the carport and bedroom/studio above.” I’m sorry, what? Do you really hate your mother-in-law that much? A bedroom that helps buffer the noise from the street? And it’s above the garage? This sounds like the equivalent of Harry Potter’s “room” underneath the staircase. Spread the love!

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