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Your Top5 This Week


Sometimes I think I’ve got you MoCo Loco readers figured out…

The Top5 most Liked posts this week reviewed by Sally.

1. Nian Residence by Chen Tien Chu

… then you go all “teenage angst gonna die my hair pink” on me and this is the result. The most liked post of the week on MOCO LOCO is a photo of a hallway. I think. I mean there’s an outdoor courtyard to the left and a kitchen island to the right. But yeah we’re basically looking at what happens when you attach a camera to the cat’s collar.


2. Copan Apartment by Felipe Hess and Renata Pedrosa

I’ve never said an interior could be used as a panty remover, but I’m going to say this one does. Metal. Concrete. Oscar Niemeyer! Girl boner.


3. Jesper Larsson’s 2010 Design Top 5

I’ve been writing for MOCO LOCO since at least 1855, but I’ve never met this Jesper Larsson fellow. Jesper, you have amazing taste. You like IKEA, hot babes, tea, felt, and making fun of s**t that sucks. Want to be best friends?


4. Courtyard House by Buensalido Architects

Another courtyard! I suspect that everyone is liking these courtyard posts because it’s F**KING COLD right now and there’s blizzards and snow storms (is that the same thing as a blizzard?) and f**king everything is covered in ice and it’s freezing out and we all just want to be transported to a place where having tons of outdoor courtyards is totally practical because it’s warm 365 days a year.


5. Jaime Kopke’s 2010 Design Top 5

Jaime is a babe and also knows how to properly use a semicolon. This should have been the most liked post of the week.

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