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Young Creative Poland: Puff-Buff, Tomek Rygalik, Maria Jeglinska, Studio Kompott


We have more highlights from the Young Creative Poland Polska! exhibition, a multi-disciplinary show taking place in the Brompton Design District. A number of lighting designers had new work on display including Puff-Buff, Tomek Rygalik and Maria Jeglinska. There were also several new pieces from the design studio Kompott.

Puff-Buff presented the Bubbles room divider and Queen’s chandelier, two pieces made from inflatable PVC bubbles which are connected with LED lighting. Tomek Rygalik showcased several sizes and colorways of Genotype, a new lighting collection made from translucent DuPont Corian. The Solaris series by Maria Jeglinska included four different porcelain bases and discs to accommodate a variety of bulbs. On display from Kompott was the 6 Degrees modular shelving system made from Oak and MDF.


Genotype by Tomek Rygalik


Genotype by Tomek Rygalik


Solaris by Maria


Bubbles by Puff-Buff


Queen’s Chandelier by Puff-Buff


6 Degrees by Kompott






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One thought on “Young Creative Poland: Puff-Buff, Tomek Rygalik, Maria Jeglinska, Studio Kompott

September 22, 2009 Stacey Williams

These lights are great! Do you know if these designers sell their work? If not, is there a way I can try to flatter (imitate) Tomek’s work? I was in touch with a local lighting company trying to get this done using LEDs.

The problem I came across was that I can’t figure out how to make the “warm light” glow. Do you know if Tomek used LEDs or something else?

Thanks in advance. Stacey

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