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We attended the Calgary Interior design show this weekend where we saw the West Xprssd exhibit curated by Tyler Vreeling (shown above). West Xprssd explored ten designers from Western Canada in a fantastic exhibit full of interesting work from Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg. The exhibit will travel to the Vancouver show in October. After the jump images from Brent Comber, Fat Crow Design, Joel Tobman, Alex Suvajac and Keep it Cartesian.



Brent Comber’s new table made of reclaimed fir timbers.


White moose brand’s (by Fat Crow) moose turds make use of wood scraps in the shop in the form of magnetic coasters.


Annen light reassembles existing products into a pendant light


Alex Suvajac’s Suvi lamp with a zipper.


Keep it Cartesian and their multifuncional light switch covers.

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