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Vulcan Table Lamp by Léa Padovani & Sébastien Kieffer

vulcain_table_lamp_lea_padovani_and_sebastien_kieffer.jpg Via @flodeau, a table lamp for new design brand La Chance with a perforated brass lampshade and a Corian base.


Vulcan is part of collection named Jekyll & Hyde, says La Chance, “We see two potential audiences for luxury furniture, there are the design enthusiasts, who want uncompromising pieces in bold colours. Then there are people who love contemporary design but prefer more muted tones.”


“To accommodate these two audiences, each piece of the collection comes in two « moods »: Jekyll and Hyde.” Up top, the Jekyll version of Vulcan comes with a brass lampshade and a Corian base, above, the Hyde version comes with a painted metal shade and a metal base.

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