Zero Hour by Lisa Mandemaker

A series of moving objects driven by clockwork mechanisms from recent ArtEZ Arnhem graduate Lisa Mandemaker.

“They are a new way of experience time. The collection contains:

* The Continuous Drama of the Minutes Passing The Continuous Drama of the Minutes Passing II The extra long second-hand shows again and again a new fresh minute. The drama of the minute passing is enlarged by extending the second-hand. This leads to a super light and slow down image of a minute.

* Sequential Elapse in Blue Divided by Blue A flip clock shows time without showing the time in between. I changed the numbers on the clock to different shades of blue. When a minute has passed, it will flip. However, nothing really changes. The same kind of blue is appearing. Time seems to stand still. Only when you actually see it flip, you know time is passing.

* Five o’clock Shadow On both the minute-hand and the hour-hand I attached a white paper circle. While time is passing, the shape is changing. The shape can roll and unroll itself. So it’s never-ending.

In the western world we are addicted to the time of the clock. Digital technology makes this even more precise. It gives us ways to get closer to the exact moment, but it makes the actual moment of time in which life is passing less and less accessible. We are not moving through time like the second-hand anymore, but we are moving from minute to minute to minute. It’s sequential.

I used the symptoms of dyscalculia to start thinking about time in a different way. I found it interesting to discover that people with dyscalculia are being forced to live in the model of the exact time, displayed in numbers, but are not capable of it because of their disability. If we could have a sense of time without numbers, these people wouldn’t be impaired at all.

With my collection I want to enlarge the elapse of time and make the abstraction of our sense of time imaginative and allow it to be experienced by everyone. I enlarged the elapse of time in different ways: time as movement, time as shape, time as colour, time slowed down and the cyclical aspect of time. You can get hypnotised watching the minutes passing, it can get on your nerves, or you will lose your sense of time completely.” zero_hour_lisa_mandemaker_02







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