Tre Reading Environment by Roee Magdassi

Tre, a reading environment containing an armchair, a side table and a reading lamp, began as an abstraction of animal figures.

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“Does furniture have a personality?

I chose to create a reading environment to figure it out. I explored the morphology of animals – a world which each individual has its own different and unique character, behavior and appearance. Yet, they all have a broad common ground, in the fields of vision and conception. I applied a process of abstraction and reduction of animal figures, until they almost vanished, leaving only the being, expressed by a few strokes or a single color stain. From this moment on, the furniture receded from the original animal appearance. It switched proportions, compositions and power relations until a new identity was born.

The series contains three pieces: Armchair with a huge backrest. Strong LED reading lamp which can change between focused to a more gentle lighting by tilting, or dimmed by touching for more precise adjustment. Side table made of solid oak. Its base was CNC milled in a way that the table will have a very thin appearance and yet, have a strong grip of the legs.”

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