Stabelle S/02 Chair by Christoph Schindler & Margarita Salmerón Espinosa

They look contemporary, but Stabelle chairs first appeared in rural Switzerland in the 16th century.


Details: Their most notable features, legs and backrest dovetailed into a massive seat and slanted legs spread apart for extra stability, are on display in designers schindlersalmerón‘s S/02 version. S/02 is also stackable and a little more ergonomic than the 16th century version.


Stabelle S/02 will be officially launched at Designers’ Saturday on October 31 at Alte Mühle in Langenthal, Switzerland (until November 2, 2014).


Source: Via MOCO Submit.


“Stabelle chairs appeared in a rural context in the 16th century. Their legs and backrest are dovetailed into a massive seat. Through the load on the seat, the slanted legs spread apart and gain extra stability. This interaction of forces provides long lasting durability.

Our Stabelle S/02 takes this typology further and offers for the first time a stackable Stabelle by shifting the hind legs from the seat into the back cross bar. The grip hole traditionally found on the back rest, is repositioned into the seat. Thatchr allows the stacking of the Stabelle and additionally fixes the stack. Backrest and seat are bent to adapt the simple rural chair to anatomic needs.”

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