Papabubble Amsterdam II by Yusuke Seki

From Yusuke Seki:

Each part of the interior reflects the origins of the location. The facade is no different in its neighborhood, the design challenge was to open to the public as part of the city. The existence of this store is planned to be transparent to be acclimatized in the environment.

Everyone loves a candy shop especially Papabubble which shows candy making as a performance which welcomes and entertains kids and adults alike. This hand made process of elastic and organic candy forming makes visitors happy. This is the purpose of the store. An attractive and tasteful experience that should be open and shared with the public.

Concept :

Reflections are natural decoration from its environment.

Visible / Invisible layers
The Glass stands center of the candy shop, it reflects the view from outside and these refections illustrate a glass wall as a visible curtain which changes according to weather and surrounding environment. Reflections on the glass at night are very clear indicating almost no existence in the space, the place itself becomes a skeleton and disappears in the space.

Hide and Seek store front
From the storefront, you can see through to the back garden, even though there are layers in between. These glass partitions work as functional divisions in the interior, however as one store, to make this space as a part of the public literally and physically this suppose to be part of street. 

Outside is inside wall
Because the building style is Amsterdam school, the interior side walls are outside walls of the house next to the store. Seki kept this texture as it is keeps evidence of the building story as well as playing inside/ outside method. Believing this outside method is to be part of open to public continuously.

Bicultural detail
The store location is in the heart of Amsterdam, as a Japanese architect Seki shows Japanese substance in the detail on the Dutch architecture seamlessly. Japanese product brand MUJI furniture is supported and as are Dutch details such as delft tile.

Client : Papabubble NL
Art Direction , Interior design : Yusuke Seki
Furniture Sponsor : MUJI
Photos : Sanchez y Montoro
Location : staalstraat 161011 jl amsterdam NL

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Brilliant.. I love the atmosphere.. The stones.. Great job! Good luck!

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