Office Y03 by dontDIY

Completed while its owner was on a two-week vacation, this office renovation was a surprise gift on the occasion of the company’s 20th anniversary.


Details: Designed by dontDIY and located in Sofia, Bulgaria, this two-room office now features a semi-transparent glass partition, a large bespoke desk and oiled wood walls.

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“The office renovation project Y03 was initiated in early 2013 and it was built in less than two weeks in May 2013. It was a surprise gift to the owner of the company on the occasion of the company’s 20th anniversary by his family and it was kept a secret until it was unveiled on his return from a two week holiday outside the country.

The project comprises of two rooms – one for the owner and one for his secretary divided by a semi-transparent glass partition. The spaces of the office were slightly altered during the renovation as the CEO room was enlarged to accommodate the seating area and a large bespoke desk.

The entire flooring of the spaces is of gray carpet, while the ceiling and some of the wall covering are made out of oiled wood. The windows and the accompanying cupboards and sunshades are all white.

The interior features a work by Bulgarian sculptor Nikolay Marinov.

PROJECT DATA Where: Sofia, Bulgaria Project: January-March 2013 Realisation: May 2013 Area: 44 sq.m. Design: dontDIY – Stefan Minkov, Hristo Stankushev, Svetoslav Michev Photos by: Asen Emilov”

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