Memento Ephemeral Jewelry by Marco Villa Mateos

“We are what we have desired, danced, loved, wept or walked. We are our memory, little fragments in time.

This project is an exploration of those little clues that take us to places already lived, small signs on our skin as testimony of an authentic existence. The passing of time, marks of laughter, the trace of a hug, the trail of a caress leave an indelible mark on our body.

We act without melancholy, we celebrate the way beauty and frenzy flow through time without distressing us or making us waver at what future holds.

That is memento, a memory of what we have been and the ephemeral of ourselves. Sheets that crack with the passing of time. Little jewels that embellish the body, symbols of a living sculpture that announce the end of the party and the coming of a new day.

Photography: Leo C Sam Text: Leyre Bozal Costumes: Mara Salas Make up: Juan Peralta Model: Paragon Model Management Dimensions: S 4 cm, M 6 cm y L 10 cm Materials: Golden leaf and silicone” memento_ephemeral_jewelry_marco_villa_mateos_02






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