Meet Your Lamb Trays by A Future Perfect

“Meet Your Lamb is based on the Greek traditional celebration rituals of the Easter day involving outdoor gathering of family and friends and eating roasted lamb treats.

As a tribute to the animal and a reflection to this long-held tradition, A Future Perfect introduces the Meet Your Lamb food vessels. A set of wooden trays with organic shapes, designed upon the animal’s meat sections, according to the butcher, placed over a mat outlining the animal behind the meat parts inviting you to reconsider meat consumption either as someone that enjoys eating meat, or as a vegetarian.

On one hand, the design suggests us to identify the animal and consider the responsible animal breeding for the purposes of feeding; in contrast to the unidentified mass-production of meat that reaches the consumer. On the other hand, the meat shaped vessels can be used in order to highlight the contradiction and serve anything but meat such as beans, rice, olives, dried fruits, nuts etc on all outdoor or indoor eating occasions.” Meet Your Lamb was showcased at the T.I.V.D. group exhibition at Ventura Lambrate 2014. meet_your_lamb_trays_a_future_perfect_02







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