Magnum Light by Patrycja Domanska and Felix Gieselmann

“The lamp Magnum designed by Patrycja Domanska and Felix Gieselmann is a sculptural object and functional piece of furniture at the same time: with a hand movement one can change the lighting concept.

With space travel a vision came true and science fiction became reality, as the crossing of borders opens final frontiers. Magnum is a border crossing. The lamp develops further and revolutionises at the same time the established concept of a domestic luminaire. The matt black lamp in minimalist design consists of a coated aluminum rod and a luminous body in the form of a disc. This simple composition enables a wide range of applications. Depending on the direction the luminous body is applied, the light is transformed into a ceiling or room light. Or in a portable table lighting – the lampshade can be taken off together with the bracket.

Thanks to the magnetic plug, which is conducting and connects the rod to the light-emitting element, the conversion works with a handle. Thereby it is possible to position the screen as required. The concept of the magnetic plug originates from the automotive industry and was adapted for the design. As a consequence, it changes the interaction with the light, so that it fits to our movements. Magnum seems like a satellite – independently circling to constantly accompany its owner as a fixed point and yet to remain an independent object.

The designers’ formal language at the point of intersection between sculpture and functional object characterises Magnum.”,










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