Lumist Lamp by Teresa Van Dongen

Lumist is hefty glass lamp, and humidifier, in one.

“Energy is a precious commodity, but often we don’t notice when it’s wasted. I looked for a way to use the heat lost by halogen lamps and created Lumist – a lamp and humidifier in one. The heat from the bulb keeps the surrounding water just under boiling point, and therefore causes the water to evaporate. More water is constantly provided by the adjacent reservoir. By capturing the contradictory traits of water and light in glass, I visualize this otherwise lost energy.” Photo: Femke Reijerman, copyright Design Academy Eindhoven.

Lumist will be shown at Design Academy Eindhoven‘s Graduation 2014 event during Dutch Design Week from October 18th to the 26th, 2014, where more than 160 recent graduates will exhibit their projects.

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