Love Project by Estudio Guto Requena with D3

For the Love Project, the telling of love stories shapes everyday objects thanks to brain, heart and voice sensors.

Details: Sensors applied to participants read their subtle reactions while they tell the defining love story of their own lives. As participants speak, data drawn from their changing emotions is relayed to specially-developed software. Via a graphic interface created in Grasshopper, this data molds every aspect of a design object which is then fabricated using a 3D printer.

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“The Love Project is a study in design, science and technology that captures the emotions people feel in relating personal love stories and transforms them into everyday objects. The project suggests a future in which unique products will bear personal histories in ways that encourage long life cycles, thus inherently combining deeply meaningful works with sustainable design. The complexity involved in developing this project was made possible thanks to a multidisciplinary team sharing in a collaborative design process. Ultimately, this Love Project has many authors. It seeks to include the end user in the process of creation itself, as participants, thus democratizing and demystifying the use of interactive digital technologies. Participants themselves will investigate cutting-edge possibilities in the digital design industry and its new logic of creation, production, transportation and sales. This project was conceived to occur in three steps, with love as the constant throughout.”

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