Les Haras Restaurant by Jouin Manku

This former royal stables in Strasbourg, France, now a restaurant, features a spectacular staircase.


Details: Les Haras is a brasserie that occupies a former royal stables in Strasbourg, a building classified as an historic monument both inside and out. With its 800m² of interior space and 13.5m high ceilings crowned with an original timber roof structure, this restaurant is one of the overall winners of the 2014 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards.

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“Brief Marc Haeberlin’s brasserie occupies the former Royal Stables, a building classified as an historic monument both inside and out. It boasts 800m² of exceptional interior space, 13.5m high and crowned with an unusually beautiful original timber roof structure.

Challenges Working within the restrictions of the site, the project concentrates specifically on conserving existing details. Jouin Manku wanted to expose the fabric of the building, to show off the timber frame and joists, to retain the original render upstairs, reuse the floor tiles and play around with the grand doors to create an entrance lobby. As a direct response to the monumentality of the site, Jouin Manku’s design plays with a sense of scale and light.

Results It is important for the visitor to be able to take stock of the exceptional historic dimension of the site without feeling dwarfed by it. They have employed a series of creative and spectacular devices to help define areas within the building. Conversely, the palette of raw and natural materials is deliberately limited: blackened raw steel, patinated zinc, unfinished oak, and full hide leather are the four materials used in the restaurant.”

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