Labyrinth of plastic waste by Luzinterruptus

“Last May we travelled to Poland, where we had been invited by the Katowice Street Art Festival to present a new piece, Labyrinth of plastic waste.

We had been wanting to do this for some time, we were looking to demonstrate, in a poetic manner, the amount of plastic waste that is consumed daily, in addition to focusing attention on the big business of bottling water, which leads to very serious problems in developing countries, whose citizens have watched as their aquifers have been privatized with impunity for the exclusive enrichment of large business owners and ruling classes without scruples.

After 4 days of work in front of the imposing sculpture of the Polish Soldier, we created 26 meters of transitable plastic waste, turned into a 7 by 5 meter, 3.4 meter high piece, full of labyrinthine corridors in which to play, to lose oneself or simply walk, in an environment of mysterious shades in which everything that happened was perceived as diffused and the sun’s rays were filtered through the colored packaging. At night, the piece was transformed into a magical site, a kind of intimate and shining chapel, with walls made of plastic, almost monochrome mosaics.

To create this installation, we used more than 6000 water bottles, which we got from a local manufacturing and bottling plant, which gave us all the ones they discarded because they did not meet the quality standards required to sell them.

The rest of the material was contributed by the residents who helped us to fill in the piece with the bottles consumed during the 4 days that it took to assemble it. We can attest to the fact that in this city they drink bottled water in alarming quantities.

The containers were deposited in transparent bags which we illuminated with autonomous LED’s and which were suspended by their handles from a metallic structure constructed of modular and reusable elements.

The piece could be enjoyed for 2 weeks, open day and night and at the end of this period, was completely disassembled and every part of the installation was conveniently recycled.

We are very happy that in Poland it is finally compulsory to recycle, 3 years ago, when we were in Warsaw for the first time, they did not do it, but now it seems that the practice is taken very seriously, the streets are filled with containers of all kinds and so we can verify that they are used.” Photos: Gustavo Sanabria. labyrinth_of_plastic_waste_luzinterruptus_02










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