Hybrid Cabinet by Meike Harde

Hybrid Cabinet protects but simultaneously reveals.


Details: Created by German designer Meike Harde, Hybrid is a storage cabinet with finely woven brass mesh sides that protect yet allow the cabinet’s contents to be seen.

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“What is the purpose of a cabinet that shows what it should conceal, that protects but simultaneously reveals?

An object on display gains its significance only in relation to its surroundings. Emotional bonds or economic value, often in combination with a unique aesthetic, desire a context that is attuned to the object on display.

The Hybrid Cabinet oscillates between storage object and display case. A finely woven metal mesh from brass or blackened steel unites the properties of cloth and metal, while at the same time being transparent. This distinctive material provides a striking alternative to glass or acrylic cabinet fronts.

In addition to the novel look, the use of metal mesh also demonstrates an engineer’s empathy. This material fundamentally unites two opposing properties. The interwoven wires behave like sheetmetal, it is rigid when flat and strong when angled or crimped. Simultaneously the material is supple like cloth, it can be bent by hand and laid in three-dimensional radiuses. This allows for the integration of functional requirements. The door hinges are machined out of this material and embedded in the cabinet wall.

The cabinets were recently shown at Dutch Design Week, Klockgebouw-Talents.”

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