House between the two by Clément Bacle Architecte

“The project is located west of Rennes, France, close to the city center, in a dense residential area consisting of small group and individual houses. Plot any length falls back from the boulevard and insulates to provide exceptional green setting to forget the urban atmosphere.

A small house already exists in the background of the plot. The sister of the owner wishes to achieve a new detached house. The program is therefore to achieve a small town house.

The architectural challenge is to provide a twin house, offset by contemporary writing. The new frame construction and wood frame shows the lines of the existing house, such as the height of the ceiling or the design of the skylight, contrasted by the use of materials: black horizontal siding installation or dressing skylights, stainless steel. Common ownership allows the creation of a space between the two consists of a passage on the ground floor and a common glass on the floor.

The ground floor offers two bright rooms open onto the garden to the east separate by a double gate. The kitchen is housed under the stairs and on the south facade which defines the transition between the two houses. Upstairs, a bedroom and a bathroom nestle under crawling, each with its skylight. Three glass plates through the ground floor and play with light and transparency. The common canopy connects the two slate roofs. Twice as wide in the west and the east, it allows the house to be light throughout the day.

PROJECT DATA Name: House between the two City: Rennes GPS coordinates: Latitude = 48.1124894 Longitude = -1.701880699999947 Delivery date of completion (month / year): April 2014 Architect: Clement Bacle Architect D.P.L.G.” Photos: Martin Argyroglo. house_between_the_two_by_clement_bacle_architecte_dplg_02

Maison individuelle ‡ Rennes - ClÈment Bacle architecte












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