Homo Bulla Est Glasses by Lotte van Laatum

“In commission of Utrecht Province we have worked on a very special project. Employees of the province often have a long term commitment with the organization. When someone dies this has a high impact on relatives, (former) colleagues and the organization as a whole. The province wants to express their sympathy and create a permanent memory through a memoriam.

Homo Bulla Est is a videoproject (cinemagraphic) which is positioned in a central location at the meeting area. We have chosen a light-hearted approach; a work in which people can reflect, from a intuitive thought to a personal and obtrusive memory. It is a work that gets people out of their daily routine and confronts them with the impermanence of life.

The 17th century vanitas paintings are the source of inspiration for the development of a unique glasswork. A fallen glass represents the person who is not here anymore and a soap bubble symbolizes the temporality of life. 30 Glasses have been mouth blown based on the shape of the historic Roemer glass.

The scenography also refers to the vanitas stilllife. The decor has been built with materials present in the house of province. This way the video becomes part of its surroundings. The photographic image is like a memory of a meeting in which soap bubbles accompany the glass. When someone passes by the video work a bubble starts moving. A subtle but direct hint towards the impermanence of life, both inside as outside the house of province.” homo_bulla_est_glasses_lotte_van_laatum_2


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