Gretel Grater by Luciano Bertoncini

“Italian designer Luciano Bertoncini presented a new product for tableware at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan last week. It is a particular kind of grater, with a plain and curvy shape, wich recalls a mother figure, exalting the familiar movement of cheese grating. The object, easy and pratical to use, provides precision when grating on dish, and avoids sprinkling on tablecloth.

The grater is in silver plate and it is presented in two different versions, the first one with the typical Italian cross holes, and a second one with round holes. Bertoncini called it Gretel and it was born from an idea of the designer side by side with the handmade work of the silversmith Aurelio Sandonà.

So the designer explain the tableware subject that inspire him for the project:

‘We are what we eat and we spread what we are’. In this way German philosopher Feuerbach expresses his thought connecting the act of eating to conscience and cogitation. Gretel, a table grater, comes from this philosophical reflection and materializes it; the aim is to find and object spreading knowledge and exporting the peculiarity of a single act to all European Union citizens. Eating is one of the things that unite mankind, no matter differences of genre, origin, religion and culture. It shows the sharpest gesture for our health and for environmental conservation: eating with conscience is the most political and ethical act we can do, every day.

‘Gretel’ is one of the winners object of the Italian contest “CASA EUROPA – Euro Decennial seen from Veneto craftsman” and it is actually produced and edited by the silversmith company ‘Argenterie Sandonà’.” Photos: studiolucianobertoncini., gretel_2


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