Frame House by Keikichi Yamauchi

“This house is located in front of the lucid stream known as the Nuppuku River in Taisho-cho, Obihiro-shi, Hokkaido.

The north-west side of the house, which is the back of the building, is surrounded by tall trees, and unspoiled nature miraculously remains on the riverside.

Things only exist here Since the attractive scenery is spread around the site, for this house it was planned to frame and capture various sceneries that are obtained from different directions or heights of one’s view. Greens of trees or sunlight through the trees enter the rooms as if through a “FRAME” of a picture that only exists here. In fall, trees around the house change colors and then the season of falling leaves arrives. When the curtain of tree leaves disappears from the north-west side, the snowcapped Hidaka Mountains are viewed between the tree trunks. After a while, the site and surroundings become covered with snow. Captured sceneries gradually change as the seasons progress.

A place of comfort Several spaces to spend time are created inside and outside of the house for the client who spends most of his days off in the house. We intended the client to find a comfortable place and spend time depending on the season or time of day. The bridge protruding toward the Nuppuku River is one of these places for a blissful moment in the summer dusk, reading or getting lost in thought while listening to the murmur of the river.

Data Project: FRAME Location: Obihiro , Hokkaido , Japan Architect: Keikichi Yamauchi architect and associates Size:145.27? Date of completion: 2009 Photos: Osamu Adachi”













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