Euclideanism Mirrors by Juyoung Kim

Geometric patterns on the surface of these mirrors echo their geometric shape.


Details: Designer Juyoung Kim mixes colors, dark blue, silver and gold, with geometric shapes in a series of mirrors named for the ancient Greek mathematician Euclid of Alexandria. Euclidean space encompasses the two-dimensional Euclidean plane and the three-dimensional space of Euclidean geometry, Kim adds color for an added dimension.

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“Mirror is projective object that can reflect one subject’s aspect, but also give people 3 dimensional spatial depth by looking flat surface.

However, unlike watching and sense the mood of the space by bared perspective, it is possible to interfere the intact images created by one’s perception.

In other words, definition of the reflection on the mirror isn’t always same as what the real things look alike or, what the real world is.

The Euclideanism mirror provokes people thought processing as it’s configured by geometrical patterns and connotes artificial image of nature in terms of the colors.

When one looks oneself or watches the environment through the mirror with the abstractness, the one will aware illusion occurring, which make one subtly difficult to distinct the self-consciousness and the subjective mental world.

In that sense, the afterimages synthesized the consciousness with the reflective interior inspire unique spiritual phenomenon.”

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