danishdesign MAKERS at imm cologne 2014

danishdesign MAKERS collective presented a collection of objects at imm cologne 2014. Above, ‘Clock’ by Birgitte Due Madsen & Jonas Trampedach.

“We live in a time where information, impressions and thereby influences are shared with the whole world in a matter of seconds. This has made us wonder: What will define the root of design in the future; and will a single design culture be recognizable and able to stand out?

́danishdesign MAKERS ́ is an alliance of designers with different nationalities and backgrounds, but all with strong ties to the Danish design culture. We believe that Danish Design values honesty, simplicity and function, and that these values reflect the beauty of the outcome. ́MAKERS ́ believe that design is a foremost practical subject and it is best to keep it this way. We will continue this tradition and for the future let a hands-on experience define Danish Design and tell its story.

A picture says more than a 1000 words; a well-made prototype can’t lie!

‘PLEASE DO TOUCH’ is our agenda for this year ́s exhibition and ́danishdesign MAKERS ́ invite you to a thriving dialog on ideas and design.” Photos: Kristine Funch and Emilia Therese. Danish Design Makers 2014

archivist by mads johansen & antonio scaffidi

Danish Design Makers 2014

ballast table by Birgitte Due Madsen & Jonas Trampedach

Danish Design Makers 2014

bille – jonas lyndby jensen

Danish Design Makers 2014

blind by johansen faurschou

Danish Design Makers 2014

bo – jonas lyndby jensen


clap clap chair by Nis Bruun & Maria bruun

Danish Design Makers 2014

‘Coffee n rest’ by thomas albertsen

Danish Design Makers 2014

endless tablecloth by evalou Hauge

Danish Design Makers 2014

frame mirror by Johansen Faurschou

Danish Design Makers 2014

kinked chair by antonio scaffidi

Danish Design Makers 2014

ll- chair by jesper junge

Danish Design Makers 2014

miX-chair, miX- shelf by Mjuka – Franziska Cadmus & Annika Steven

Danish Design Makers 2014

one liner chair by Christian troels & jonas birkebæk


rar by Øivind Alexander Slaatto

Danish Design Makers 2014

tro by carla botosso kolster

Danish Design Makers 2014

O&D Wire Collection by Overgaard & Dyrman

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