Cynara SLS Floor Lamp by Sven Eberwein

Open or close this lamp to adjust light intensity.


Details: Designed by Studio Eberwein, the inside of the 3D printed lamp hides a thread mechanism (also 3D printed) which controls its morphing shape and light intensity.

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Source: Via MOCO Submit.






“The floor lamp Cynara SLS translates organic aesthetics into a modern form language. The light intensity and the shape of the lampshade can be set individually by opening and closing the lamp. Cynara SLS is a 3D printed lamp which was designed by Studio Eberwein for Purmundus.

It was designed for 3D printing right from the start and utilizes the possibilities of this modern manufacturing technique in a highly innovative way. The lamp is produced by selective laser sintering (SLS) on a EOS Formiga P100. This technique meets the high standards needed for exact precision (minimum tolerance 0.05mm), quality of surface and stability.”

The inside of the lamp hides a thread mechanism which gives control over its morphing shape and light intensity. This mechanism is printed fully functional into the lamp so no further assembling or remachining is needed. You can take the finished product directly out of the 3D printer.

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