Craft 2.0 Table by Renier Winkelaar

The wooden gears in this all-wood table extend the table’s length.


Details: Looking to create lasting, novel furniture, designer Renier Winkelaar has created an all-wood table with wooden gears and ratchet system, inspired by Dutch windmills, that extends and shortens the table’s length.

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“Often I hear people of a certain generation say, ‘back in the days all furniture used to be better, you bought it for the life after you’ve got married’. At the present time you can find many furniture manufactured in bulk, furniture that are perfected in terms of price/quality due to modern manufacturing processes. This furniture is designed and produced to go along a style period and then to be replaced.

In my opinion, inspiration lacks in this furniture and there is little story to tell. After this observation, I wondered whether what people of previous generations say about anything used to be better can be achieved in the present time. If a sense of quality, solidity and an emotional value can be created, all of this, with a modern twist.

I have had always had a fascination for old wood connection, especially the connections in old Dutch windmills. I think it’s really amazing how something with old techniques become automated. Wooden gears with bridging technique and pen and hole connections are just a few highlights of what you can find in these mills. These techniques fascinate me so much that I wanted to use it in my brand new design.

With this concept I have designed a table named ‘craft 2.0’. In the design I had two rules of thumb. I wanted to use only one material and no modern techniques like for example screws. The table of 230 – 270 cm is made of oak and is only to put together by old connections. To slide out the table I have used gears and tooth hills. These gears are to operate by some kind of a ratchet, made from oak wood. And finally, the table looks really very cool!”

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