Concrete Age Desk Accessories by JinSik Kim

Concrete Age: a set of desk accessories that are fortress-like, with exposed concrete construction, aka brutalist.


Details: What began as research in materials by JinSik Kim, has resulted in a desk accessories collection with a visual language that illustrates the essence and potential of high-strength concrete. The mass and solidity of the material and the object, with a more than passing resemblance to brutalist architecture, is novel for the scale and nature of desk accessories. Each unit consists of five parts that can be arranged and rearranged to create a pencil case, a photo holder or a paper weight, and more.

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“This project started from a materiality such as the Stone Age project. The collection formulates new visual language about essence and potential of concrete material. On side of experiment, this project is to research and test diverse potentials of existing material like concrete.

Concrete material, used for a modern architecture a lot, is described as heavy mass and solidity that facilitate correct function for a long time as a desk accessory. I want to show characteristic of the material by engraving texture of wood on the surface of design as concrete become a solid state from a liquid state in process of time. Finally, production process is used for the beauty of design object.

You do not need any joint to make desk accessories, like a pencil case, a photo holder and a paper weight, with Concrete Age because it has a proper weight for a function. Concrete Age with six colors is not only a functional object but a playful good.”

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