CO-POTS by Pierre Talagrand & Alexis Lautier

“With just one easy and aesthetic movement, co-pots facilitates the assembling of capsule-shaped containers while inventing our own unique design, made possible through the recycling of glass jars.

It’s a mounting ring with two household glassware features. Co-pots is both a useful linking agent and a graphic design which breathes new life into industrial storage containers with no constraints other than their fastening mechanism.

All combinations are possible as the ring has two all-purpose screw threads to seal any two empty jars at once, turning them into one or inventing hybrid sculptural shapes. Co-pots is made up of two different raw materials, that is, blown or moulded glass and machined plastic, and smashes our indifference to mass consumption objects by creating a new life for them, one that is archaic and aesthetic.” co-pots2




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One thought on “CO-POTS by Pierre Talagrand & Alexis Lautier

Where to find it ??? How much does it cost !!! I want it !

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