Cloud Lights by Jeremy Wintrebert

Looks like paper, textile or plastic, but Jeremy Wintrebert’s Cloud lights are surprisingly large blown glass.

Photo: courtesy Gallery FUMI

Details: Dreamlike, solid, yet fragile, Wintrebert’s Cloud lights bely the reality of the material used. “The extraordinary size of the works and their beautiful filigrana patterns surprise viewers, many who expect the works to be made from paper, textile or plastic.” says Gallery FUMI.

Photo: courtesy Gallery FUMI

Gallery FUMI will present a solo exhibition of hand-blown glass works and lighting installations by the designer, GLASS by Jeremy Wintrebert, from September 13-21, 2014, during the London Design Festival.

Jeremy Wintrebert
Photo: ©Mathieu Garnier, courtesy Gallery FUMI

Designer: Born in Paris, raised in Africa and later in the USA, Wintrebert fuses a diversity of cultures to his work. With an experience gathered all over the world from freehand glassblowing, Wintrebert brings together the craft of Murano glass blowing together with a contemporary perspective to create sensual works.

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