CARDBOARD FUN! by Sanchez-Garrido Architects

“In one in a thousand lifes the cardboard has, it has chosen to be transformed into a funny and ephemeral space. From the plain shape of a box to an organic volumen, it envolves us to start conversations and share experiences This is its momento of glory, one of the most important of its life. Sanchez-Garrido Architects has designed CARDBOARD FUN!, the project selected by ARCOmadrid International Fair to design for this edition 2013, the Presentation’s Hall. Innovation, art, positivity, warmth and sustainability, are some of the characteristics of this project. CARDBOARD FUN! gives relevance to the cardboard 100% recyclable. Aware and respectful with the environment, one of the signs of identity of the office, and to the ephemeral nature of space, the cardboard becomes their best friend and soul of the project. Due to its ephemeral malleability, reuse, resistence and posible immediate transformation for other needs without waste are the virtues that offer this material. Through research of its properties and using high tecnology in the manufacturing process, a complex shape has been built from unique elements. The sinuous shape of the piece answer the will to give movement to the object and generatea cozy atmosphere where the energy flows around with freedom. This Project highlights the values which are promoted in its architectural design: Innovation, sustainability and social responsability.” CF1











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