Canopy 3D Printed Lights by Alex Buckman

Alex Buckman‘s portable Canopy lights can provide as much, or as little, lighting as required.


Details: 3D printed geometric, spherical shades house LEDs at the end of portable rods that easily connect to low voltage base stations.

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“Canopy is a lighting system that incorporates complex 3D printed geometry and LED technology. It is designed and developed by Alex Buckman for his Industrial Design Masters Thesis at Victoria University, Wellington.

Canopy rejects the rigidity of traditional lighting systems. It explores the notions of how LED technology and 3D printing can create an adaptable and portable lighting system to benefit the well-being of the user and create an interactive space.

Each Canopy light can be connected to any port depending on the users needs and location. This is possible through the use of lightweight and low voltage LED technology.

The LEDs are encompassed in 3D printed diffuses which take on natural forms. These forms are made up of fractal patterns. Fractal patterns are found everywhere in nature from splitting crystals, splintering lungs, rivers, leaves, branches and snowflakes. This fractal geometry has been dubbed the ‘fingerprints of nature’. These patterns have been proved to have a positive effect on people, as they are so ingrained in the evolution of the human race.

It was important that this lighting system benefited the user both in functionality and general wellbeing to provoke the idea of how we design objects for interior spaces in the future.”

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