Boulette’s Larder Restaurant by KallosTurin

“Restaurant chef-owners Amaryll Schwertner and Lori Regis, have engaged London and San Francisco-based architecture firm Kallos Turin to design the newly reincarnated Boulette’s Larder, and brand new 50-seat offshoot Bouli Bar at the renowned San Francisco Ferry Building.

Schwertner, who trained in neuroscience before shifting to the culinary world, approaches food with an intellectual artfulness, capturing both the cerebral and the romantic quality that embodies great food. Kallos Turin’s design for the space sought to compliment this approach to cooking through the use of a highly rigorous and elemental plan and a limited palette of timeless and elegant materials.

‘From the start of my career I wove every interest I had into food – including design. That has allowed for a deeply personal voice to emerge in my cooking. I see all the elements of the environment I work in as critical tools in the endeavor for a distinctive voice,’ says Schwertner.

Boulette’s Larder (1,000 sq ft) and Bouli Bar (1,500 sq ft) share a central kitchen. Both spaces are characterized by a meticulously crafted minimalism achieved through careful alignments and detailing and a reductive approach to form. But there is always a counterpoint to the minimalism in Kallos Turin’s work.

In this case the space is infused with a golden light and moments of glamour that give the design its richness. Black amorphous, Mongolian lamb cushions, polished naval bronze counters, a brass bead curtain and a large scale smoked mirror all offset the stark clarity of the plan so that the space is simultaneously luxurious and austere.

In Boulette’s Larder the space is slightly more formal and private. While the materials remain consistent, the palette is more muted. The oak is treated with a pale water-based grey stain, white walls are exchanged for a cool grey, the Dixon fixtures are swapped for a large-scale Lindsay Adelman chandelier in grey glass and vintage brass and the Wegner chairs are replaced with the elegant Ren chair by StellarWorks. Natural light floods the room through floor to ceiling windows, which frame a majestic view of the San Francisco Bay Bridge and, at night, Leo Villareal’s Bay Lights installation.

During the day Boulette’s Larder serves breakfast and at night it provides a sophisticated private dining space. The tables in the room are designed to be grouped as a single long table seating up to 22 people.

Design Architect: Kallos Turin Local Architect of Record: Bassel Samaha of Samaha+Hart Custom Furniture: George Slack Cabinet Makers Contractor: LedCor” Photos: Mariko Reed/Erin Scott. boulettes_larder_restaurant_kallosturin_02













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