A CHANGE OF SCENERY by Sofie Lachaert & Luc d’Hanis

“Gallery Valerie Traan is representing the Gesamtwerk of Luc d’Hanis and Sofie Lachaert. The joint work of this remarkable duo hardly needs an introduction. It has received numerous honors and awards in Belgium as well as abroad.

Two wooden chairs put so close together that their legs have started to intertwine and merge, a padlock with 7 keyholes, a candlestick flirting with Japanese erotic images, antique china plates with a hole for your thumb like a painter’s palette, a silver dice that will give you a six each time you throw…

These are just a few examples. Everyday objects undergo a subtle metamorphosis at the hands of these two creative accomplices. They get new, secret dimensions. Reality succumbs to imagination. We are playfully and lightheartedly deceived, lured by enchanting stories, irresistible dreams, desires, beautiful illusions.

A CHANGE OF SCENERY brings together important autonomous work of this inseparable duo. The idea is to show some of their well known and less know objects in a new, refreshing way. The title of the exhibition is therefore both a reference to the typical way they themselves invent new contexts for everyday objects and the new mise-en-scène at Valerie Traan’s. Their power and subtle creativity are expressed both through their objects and through the exhibition concept.” achangeofscenery_06_photobyDanicaOKus










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