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Valencia Design Week 2010: Top5


More than 4000 wood veneer squares made up the LZF booth at Feria Habitat Valencia last week, all the better to highlight the Armadillo lamp by Luis Eslava, among our Top5 favorites from the week’s tour through Valencia design.


The LZF polywood was the most easily recognizable signature material throughout the city: at the City NUDE exhibitions, the fair, various showrooms and the LZF factory, of course. The Armadillo lamp evokes connections to a variety of familiar shapes and images: the pattern of fish scales, a plethora of post-its detailing our to-dos and a patchwork of the many layers that make up any experience that lets in nature and light.




RS Barcelona offers up “intense living furniture” that’s tough enough for real life, not just photo shoots, so when we saw someone standing on the new cardboard stool, we appreciated the intensity. Eiffel is a flatpack product that comes in a pizza box that is popped into a cloth bag, the epitome of ease. Designed by Shigeki Fujishiro Design, the stool stacks up …



What do Mickey Mouse, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson and Pac Man have in common? They can all be reproduced very easily as pixelated murals by using Pixels XL magnetic squares by CDROIG Design Studio on magnetic paint. Follow the templates to create eye-catching wallcoverings that can be changed up without hassle. It was fun to see the different options on the walls of the booth throughout the Feria.



An installation at the Sporting Club Russafa by Kumi Furió and Yolanda Herraiz allowed the industrial designers to play with concepts of light and space while using paper to create a cosy shell that encourages meditation and renewal. A departure for both designers, this project allowed for the breathing space that is born out of creative expression.



NoWire Lamps by Dicrein Design stick onto walls thanks to suction cups and will brighten the closer they are to each other. Group them together for task lighting or place them farther apart for a more ambient setting. The wireless LED lamps have rechargeable Li-ion batteries, akin to those used for cell phones, and can be charged on an induction base. This was the most technologically interesting item at the fair, found in the NUDE section of young talent.


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