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Umleiter Suspension Lamp by Veronika Gombert

Umleiter, diverter in German, puts the light where you want it to be.


Details: Created by German designer Veronika Gombert, the Umleiter, a pendant with a long cantilevered rod and a shaded light, is 360° turnable, flexible in all three dimensions and can be “positioned anywhere” within a one meter radius.



“Working with pure gravity it is a lighting tool, helping you to get light in the most direct and simplest way to where you need it.” says Gombert. “Height and distance work in dependency and can be preset. Additionally the lamp shade can be freely adjusted in height.”


“Playing with gravity the cable interlocks itself in position though sliding friction.”


Source: Photos by Veronika Gombert. Design © 2014 Veronika Gombert. Via MOCO Submit.



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