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Trame Mirror by Inga Sempé


Inga Sempé’s new mirror for Domestic allows for only the weft in the weave of reflection…


Made of self-adhesive PMMA or rigid plexiglass, Trame has been conceived to increase light in a room but without providing a strict reflection. The mirror is focused, but soft.


People and their surroundings are revealed in strips; not so much hinted at as partially exposed.


Because the “material is not as qualitative as mirror glass,” Sempé wanted to stay away from gimmickry, preferring instead to keep to regular lines and cuts.


Also to be shown at Maison & Objet is Guichet, a soft, oval clock in ceramic and designed for Moustache. The name of the clock refers to the window that shows the date, which Sempé has so handily included as a window to the clock’s movement.

A type of pendulum echoes the tick-tock and provides a visual cue to the passage of time.


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