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Jean Snow
Love & Destroy by Koichiro Kimura
Posted on: Mar 27, 2006

Love & DestroyAnother Japanese presence in Milan next week, this time for the Salone del Mobile proper, but off-site, with the introduction of Koichiro Kimura's 2006 Art Craft International (of which he is head) collection, "Love & Destroy." The collection involves 30 pieces of Japanese lacquer ware, from the traditional cups and saucer sets, chopsticks, and boxes, to very non-traditional items such as gold champagne glasses, a bed, and even an executioner's platform. Maybe the inclusion of this last piece can be explained by this quote from Kimura: "In this collection I aimed for something so beautiful you could die."

+ Salone Internazionale del Mobile Milano

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Tokujin Yoshioka x Lexus
Posted on: Mar 27, 2006

Tokujin Yoshioka x Lexus
At the upcoming Milan Design Week -- which coincides with that city's hugely popular Salone Internazionale del Mobile (April 5-10) -- Tokujin Yoshioka will make his presence felt through the "Tokujin Yoshioka x Lexus L-finesse -- Evolving Fiber Technology" exhibition, to be held April 5-9 at the Museo della Permanente. In the show, Yoshioka will transform the exhibition space into a gigantic lens made up of more than 700 km of transparent fibers, the idea being that the lens will draw the eye towards a model of the fourth generation Lexus LS flagship sedan. It's hard to imagine what the full effect will look like, but since it involves Yoshioka, expect something well worth seeing.

+ Tokujin Yoshioka
+ Lexus Europe

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Juicy House 03.5774.6508
Posted on: Jun 4, 2005

Atelierbowwow Juicyhouse Jun 04View (the architectural photography library) has put up a nice gallery for Atelier Bow-Wow's Juicy House, located in Tokyo's Setagaya district (and yes, we do need to get a separate entry on Atelier Bow-Wow up as soon as possible -- in the meantime, read this great article on the duo from Icon magazine). The same site also hosts a gallery for the Keiichi Irie (Power Unit Studio) Y House -- see some more of his alphabet homes in this previous Moco Tokyo post.

LINK: Juicy House (at View)
LINK: Atelier Bow-Wow
LINK: Y House (at View)
LINK: Keiichi Irie

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New Design Paradise
Posted on: Mar 20, 2005

New Design ParadiseAt MoCo Tokyo, we tend to feature places to see, accessories to use, and books or magazines to read, but if you happen to be here, why not tune in to New Design Paradise, a weekly TV show that features new and interesting creations, profiling a different designer each week. At the end of every show, they end up adding their favorites to the show's Permanent Collection -- think of it as their version of the G-Mark. It airs Thursdays at 24:35 on Fuji TV (channel 8 in Tokyo).

LINK: New Design Paradise (in Japanese)
LINK: G-Mark (Good Design Award)

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Keiichi Irie 03.3461.9827
Posted on: Feb 22, 2005

keiichiirie_o_small_feb_16.jpgOne look at the homes designed by Keiichi Irie is probably enough to make you realize that living a beautiful life of design is not just a dream, but something that can really happen. Any letter of the alphabet will do -- the houses have names like W House and Y House. His other works (museums, office space, even furniture) also share the same sense of beauty and simplicity, but it's the residences that truly stand out.

LINK: Keiichi Irie

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