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Jean Snow
The Permanent Collection
Posted on: Mar 20, 2005

The Permanent CollectionAnother way of enjoying the picks of the previously mentioned New Design Paradise TV series is through their recently released book, The Permanent Collection. It profiles all of the design items they've featured on the show.

LINK: The Permanent Collection
LINK: New Design Paradise

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theprinciple_mar_7.jpgThe Principle and Practice of Design was released in conjunction with the Design Gallery's 600th exhibition. The book covers all of the creators involved -- a who's who of Japanese design -- in a bilingual package (Japanese/English) that even includes a DVD featuring interviews with some of the designers.

LINK: The Principle and Practice of Design

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Studio Voice 351
Posted on: Mar 7, 2005

studiovoice_mar_7.jpgThe current issue of Studio Voice (351) is going to be of interest to readers of this site, with it's cover feature on architecture and art. Although Japanese-only, the image-heavy feature goes through all the big names in Japanese architecture, with examples of their work throughout.

LINK: Studio Voice
LINK: Publisher's site

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Casa Brutus on Homes
Posted on: Feb 22, 2005

casabrutus59_feb_18.jpgIf you're at all interested in design, then the Japanese magazine Casa Brutus is going to be on your must-read list. Although usually all in Japanese, they do publish the occasional bilingual issue, with an English translation of the cover feature in the back. Last month (Vol. 59) was the case, with the beautifully photographed "My Home 2005" cover story. Covering recent Japanese homes designed by the likes of Tadao Ando (4 x 4 House II), Jun Aoki (G), and MIKAN (House in Uehara), it makes for a great guide to innovative modern residential architecture. You can purchase it through Amazon Japan (the order pages are available in English).

LINK: Casa Brutus
LINK: Casa Brutus 59 (at Amazon Japan)

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Design City Tokyo
Posted on: Dec 26, 2004

Masaki Takahashi, one of the co-authors of the previously featured Tokyo Architecture & Design, has recently published a new book, Design City Tokyo. The book offers another look at the stylish design projects in the city, and is sure to be of interest to MoCo readers.

LINK: Design City Tokyo (Amazon)
LINK: Wiley (Publisher)

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Casa Brutus
Posted on: Nov 29, 2004

casabrutus_57_nov_29The December issue of Casa Brutus (volume 57) takes a look at design hotels in Japan. An indispensable guide that will help you find the swankiest accommodations on your next visit to the country. The article (and the issue) is Japanese-only, but it's the images that really tell the story.

LINK: Casa Brutus
LINK: Buy from Amazon Japan

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Tokyo Architecture & Design
Posted on: Nov 14, 2004

tokyoachitecturedesign_nov_15Covers Tokyo's buildings of note, as well as some interior design examples. Another guide to help you find all those must-see design landmarks in the city.

LINK: Tokyo Architecture & Design (Amazon)
LINK: TeNeues (Publisher)

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Space: Japanese Design Solutions
Posted on: Nov 14, 2004

space_nov_15A very handsome book by Michael Freeman that takes a cool at design solutions for confined spaces. Beautiful photography throughout.

LINK: Space: Japanese Design Solutions (Amazon)

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Casa Brutus
Posted on: Sep 21, 2004

casabrutus_sep_22.jpgIf you're into design, then you'd be very sorry if you didn't pick up an issue of Casa Brutus. From architectural tours to coverage of the latest and greatest in terms of design, it's constantly a great read, if only for the beautiful layout work (the magazine's design is by Yasushi Fujimoto of Cap). Although usually Japanese-only (but don't let this stop you), if often features special bilingual issues, like the recent September number (54) that took a hard look at the preservation (or lack) of modern architecture in Japan. They've also released special issues, like an homage to the Concorde, that came with a Stephane Pompougnac mixed CD, and a couple on the Muji phenomenon.

LINK: Casa Brutus (Official Site)
LINK: Order from Amazon Japan

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tokyo_sep_21.jpgThe very compact Tokyo: A Guide to Recent Architecture by Noriyuki Tajima makes for an excellent companion when visiting the city, and looking for info on the best of contemporary architecture that Tokyo has to offer. Tajima was trained as an architect, and it shows in his descriptions. Also, as the book is divided by areas, it's easy to just turn to the section of the city that you're visiting and quickly get a rundown of what you should be checking out, including addresses. The book could use an update (it dates back to 1996), but it still covers most of the landmarks that you need to be on the lookout when in town.

LINK: Tokyo: A Guide to Recent Architecture (Amazon)
LINK: Ellipsis (Publisher)

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