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Jean Snow
March 2006
Modal Speakers by Kunihiro Tsuji
Accessories: Mar 27, 2006

Modal SpeakersSince we've got Salone del Mobile 2006 fever here at MoCo Tokyo HQ, let us finish off today's postings with another Japanese participant, this time the launch of a new speaker for Modal by Osaka-based designer Kunihiro Tsuji (through his company, Kunihiro Tsuji Scientific). Also happening off-site (at the San Paolo Converso), the speakers will be presented as part of an interactive installation that should make of an interesting use of the space -- a former convent church. The speakers themselves will be available in Japan from November of this year.

+ Salone Internazionale del Mobile Milano

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Love & Destroy by Koichiro Kimura
Designers: Mar 27, 2006

Love & DestroyAnother Japanese presence in Milan next week, this time for the Salone del Mobile proper, but off-site, with the introduction of Koichiro Kimura's 2006 Art Craft International (of which he is head) collection, "Love & Destroy." The collection involves 30 pieces of Japanese lacquer ware, from the traditional cups and saucer sets, chopsticks, and boxes, to very non-traditional items such as gold champagne glasses, a bed, and even an executioner's platform. Maybe the inclusion of this last piece can be explained by this quote from Kimura: "In this collection I aimed for something so beautiful you could die."

+ Salone Internazionale del Mobile Milano

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Tokujin Yoshioka x Lexus
Designers: Mar 27, 2006

Tokujin Yoshioka x Lexus
At the upcoming Milan Design Week -- which coincides with that city's hugely popular Salone Internazionale del Mobile (April 5-10) -- Tokujin Yoshioka will make his presence felt through the "Tokujin Yoshioka x Lexus L-finesse -- Evolving Fiber Technology" exhibition, to be held April 5-9 at the Museo della Permanente. In the show, Yoshioka will transform the exhibition space into a gigantic lens made up of more than 700 km of transparent fibers, the idea being that the lens will draw the eye towards a model of the fourth generation Lexus LS flagship sedan. It's hard to imagine what the full effect will look like, but since it involves Yoshioka, expect something well worth seeing.

+ Tokujin Yoshioka
+ Lexus Europe

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Two Days & Four Products
Accessories: Mar 27, 2006

Kyouei Exhibition
We're big fans of the works of Kyouei, or rather Kouichi Okamoto, and we're quite saddened by the fact that we couldn't make it to Shizuoka for his "Two Days & Four Products" exhibition at the Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art earlier this month. As the images will attest (after the jump), it was a beautiful display of all of his light-related creations, and we can only wish that he'll be able to bring the show to Tokyo sometime in the near future.

+ Kyouei

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Rock, Paper, Scissors
Accessories: Mar 7, 2006

Rocks, Paper, Scissors
Rock, Paper, Scissors is a game known to all, and there's something quite playful about the products from the Japanese design unit of the same name. Take the Pack Lamp for instance, produced by IDEA International, that uses the light bulb's own packaging as its lampshade, or even the Still Green, a vase that is shaped like a regular vase, but only as an outline. It's a fresh and fun take on everyday household items, to help bring a bit of creativity and lightness to your surroundings.

+ Rocks, Paper, Scissors

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