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Jean Snow
February 2006
System Bathroom I-U
Bathroom Fixtures: Feb 27, 2006

System Bathroom I-U
Leave it again to Naoto Fukasawa to turn pretty much anything (including bathroom fixtures) into something that you suddenly develop absolute feelings of lust over. The latest case in point: the System Bathroom I-U he co-developed with National (which you might know better as Panasonic). It's an interchangeable system that lets you use the appropriate pieces for the space you have (and also with a choice of light or dark wood) , and as with anything that Fukasawa has had a hand in, it's beautiful in its simplicity. Nothing extravagant here, and nothing you don't need, just the basics, presented in a way that is sure to turn your bathroom into a part of your home you end up wanting visitors to see!

+ System Bathroom I-U
+ Naoto Fukasawa

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Omotesando Hills
Architecture: Feb 26, 2006

Omotesando HillsThe wait is over, and the much anticipated opening of the Tadao Ando-designed Omotesando Hills shopping complex -- a sort of follow-up, in spirit and intent, to real-estate developper Minoru Mori's Roppongi Hills -- finally happened earlier this month, and a few weeks later, the huge crowds that showed up on opening day have yet to thin out. If you've been to Roppongi Hills, you'll know exactly what to expect: high-priced stores (even the Delphonics stationery store on the premises has gone upscale), long queues at the cafes and restaurants, and everything enveloped in an aura of theme park musicality (background music) and lighting. Although it does still come off as a mall, it's well worth a visit for the scale alone, and design-aficionados will find things of interest in the Idea Frames shop, the Taschen bookstore (until May only), the various galleries, and of course, the building itself.

+ Omotesando Hills

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Sonia Chow
Accessories: Feb 13, 2006

Uni Light
Fresh from her recent showing at the Canadian Style event, Tokyo-based Canadian multi-disciplinary designer Sonia Chow is on the move. Comfortable as much in the realms of textiles as that of graphics (be it on paper or wood, as her "Two Bits" block print shows), she also impresses with her Uni Light. Deceptively simple with its plumbing hose and cable ties, it received an honorable mention in I.D. (International Design) magazine, and deservedly so. A wound-up spiral that creates an unexpected bright "pod" that immediately becomes the centerpiece of any room, it also just so happens that you can sit on it, which certainly adds to the product's functionality. Catch her in next month's issue of AXIS (120), in the "Creators' Works" section.

+ Sonia Chow Studio

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