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Jean Snow
March 2005
The Permanent Collection
Books/Magazines: Mar 20, 2005

The Permanent CollectionAnother way of enjoying the picks of the previously mentioned New Design Paradise TV series is through their recently released book, The Permanent Collection. It profiles all of the design items they've featured on the show.

LINK: The Permanent Collection
LINK: New Design Paradise

New Design Paradise
Designers: Mar 20, 2005

New Design ParadiseAt MoCo Tokyo, we tend to feature places to see, accessories to use, and books or magazines to read, but if you happen to be here, why not tune in to New Design Paradise, a weekly TV show that features new and interesting creations, profiling a different designer each week. At the end of every show, they end up adding their favorites to the show's Permanent Collection -- think of it as their version of the G-Mark. It airs Thursdays at 24:35 on Fuji TV (channel 8 in Tokyo).

LINK: New Design Paradise (in Japanese)
LINK: G-Mark (Good Design Award)

The Principle and Practice of Design
Books/Magazines: Mar 7, 2005

theprinciple_mar_7.jpgThe Principle and Practice of Design was released in conjunction with the Design Gallery's 600th exhibition. The book covers all of the creators involved -- a who's who of Japanese design -- in a bilingual package (Japanese/English) that even includes a DVD featuring interviews with some of the designers.

LINK: The Principle and Practice of Design

Studio Voice 351
Books/Magazines: Mar 7, 2005

studiovoice_mar_7.jpgThe current issue of Studio Voice (351) is going to be of interest to readers of this site, with it's cover feature on architecture and art. Although Japanese-only, the image-heavy feature goes through all the big names in Japanese architecture, with examples of their work throughout.

LINK: Studio Voice
LINK: Publisher's site

KDDI Designing Studio
Electronics: Mar 1, 2005

KDDI Desiging StudioLaunching in early March, the KDDI Designing Studio in Harajuku looks like it will make for an interesting way to interact with the company's designs and concepts. KDDI's mobile phone brand, AU, is already at the forefront of innovation when it comes to stylish handsets -- as seen with the products that have come out of the AU Design Project -- and this new studio, that will be open to the public, seems like KDDI's way of keeping that lead. The top floor will host a branch of the Wired Cafe chain.

LINK: KDDI Designing Studio
LINK: AU Design Project

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