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Jean Snow
February 2005
Keiichi Irie 03.3461.9827
Designers: Feb 22, 2005

keiichiirie_o_small_feb_16.jpgOne look at the homes designed by Keiichi Irie is probably enough to make you realize that living a beautiful life of design is not just a dream, but something that can really happen. Any letter of the alphabet will do -- the houses have names like W House and Y House. His other works (museums, office space, even furniture) also share the same sense of beauty and simplicity, but it's the residences that truly stand out.

LINK: Keiichi Irie

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Casa Brutus on Homes
Books/Magazines: Feb 22, 2005

casabrutus59_feb_18.jpgIf you're at all interested in design, then the Japanese magazine Casa Brutus is going to be on your must-read list. Although usually all in Japanese, they do publish the occasional bilingual issue, with an English translation of the cover feature in the back. Last month (Vol. 59) was the case, with the beautifully photographed "My Home 2005" cover story. Covering recent Japanese homes designed by the likes of Tadao Ando (4 x 4 House II), Jun Aoki (G), and MIKAN (House in Uehara), it makes for a great guide to innovative modern residential architecture. You can purchase it through Amazon Japan (the order pages are available in English).

LINK: Casa Brutus
LINK: Casa Brutus 59 (at Amazon Japan)

Archilab 03.6406.6100
Architecture: Feb 22, 2005

archilab_feb_14.jpgTokyo's Mori Art Museum is currently featuring a fascinating tour of modern architecture with the exhibition "Archilab: New Experiments in Architecture, Art and the City" (until March 13). Time Asia offers a good rundown of the show, but if this leaves you wanting for more, let Japan Net Design take you on a photographic tour. If you happen to be in town though, take note of Art Tower Mito's retrospective exhibition "Archigram: Experimental Architecture 1961-1974," which makes a nice companion piece.

LINK: Mori Art Museum
LINK: Japan Design Net
LINK: Tower Art Mito

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Penck 0077.7.111
Electronics: Feb 12, 2005

Au Penck Feb 13The AU Design Project is at it again with the gorgeous new Penck, designed by Makoto Saito. Available in 3 colors (silver, white, and black), it looks set to become the new stylish mobile phone king of the mountain. Saito even had a hand in creating the interface, giving it a fun retro Atari-like look.

LINK: Penck

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