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Jean Snow
October 2004
Montoak 03.5468.5928
Cafes/Bars: Oct 23, 2004

montoak_oct_23Sure, Omotesando is not lacking in style, but cafe/lounge Montoak is a standout. Featuring 3 floors, with a terrace on the second, it definitely feels like the type of place you want to show off to your jet-setting Wallpaper-reading friends when they're in town. The food is so-so, but that's not why you go there.

LINK: Montoak

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Kyouei 543.47.0654
Accessories: Oct 17, 2004

kyouei_ballonlamp3_oct_18Kyouei, based in Shizuoka City, create very interesting and out-of-the-ordinary products. When it comes to lighting, you can start by taking a look at Balloonlamp, which uses an LED and a normal blow-up balloon to create a lantern-like object. Follow that with Color Light, a DVD that lets you use your TV as a colored light source. Then, you can experiment with the randomness of sounds with the appropriately titled "Random" CD. It plays 99 tracks, representing 99 scales, in a random order to form new melodies on every play. All these products can be ordered through their website, and are available at the Zero First Design shop.

LINK: Kyouei
LINK: Zero First Design

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Office 03.5786.1052
Cafes/Bars: Oct 9, 2004

office_small_oct_9Stylish, cozy, with an always appreciated music selection (and DJs on most nights), the original Office in Aoyama (a second one opened last year in Meguro) is a favorite outing destination in the city. Produced by the Transit group, also responsible for the also-stylish Sign (the original one in the same building as Office, as well as the more recent Daikanyama branch), Caminetto, Office in Meguro, and Claska Hotel Lobby, it features an office inspired design, but one that works as a positive. Design-related reading material is on display, and some of the tables can actually function as desks, with fax and internet available. The look of the place makes it a popular choice for young urban fashion shoots.

LINK: Transit

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Cafe Pause 03.5950.6117
Cafes/Bars: Oct 6, 2004

pause_small_oct_7Cafe Pause is a stylish oasis in Ikebukuro. You'd really expect this type of environment to be in Aoyama. Also acting as the office and showcase for designer toys company Roughtoyz, Cafe Pause features custom-made furniture - at just the perfect height for a leisurely sip of a drink from the varied menu - and is also a bit of gallery, as seen with the Shu-Thang Grafix images that adorned the walls a few months ago (the Shu-Thang Grafix designed Captain Porno was turned into a figure by Roughtoyz). Not to be missed when in the area. Also features wireless internet, and a small collection of books.

LINK: Cafe Pause
LINK: Roughtoyz
LINK: Shu-tang Grafix

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Plusminuszero Aoyama 03.5778.5380
Retail Stores: Oct 3, 2004

plusminuszero_aoyama2_oct_3Takara's Plusminuszero designer goods brand has just opened a new showcase shop in Aoyama.

LINK: Plusminuszero
LINK: Plusminuszero Aoyama
LINK: MoCo Tokyo post on the Plusminuszero brand

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