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This Week at Art MoCo


This Week at Art MoCo: jelly-like dimension, flower power, nocturnal cityscapes, photo zen and the lightness of being. See the rest of the week at Art MoCo after the jump.


With food as a muse, Nouar adds a layer of transparency to her latest series of work, Internally Yours.


Kai and Sunny make the flowers bloom in a show of silkscreened monotone works and a limited edition set of letter-pressed prints.


The urban landscape is the usual suspect in new work by Logan Hicks. Streets are deserted and the light that plays upon the facades does not reveal everything.


The combination of technique and subject matter work together to make Lee Anne Morgan’s meditation-themed photos visually soothing.


Florian Meisenberg lightens heavy themes through a style that might be interpreted as playful.

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