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This Week at Art MoCo


This Week at Art MoCo: balloons & plastic containers, urban calligraphy, cake stands, groceries & teens with Sharpies. See the rest of the week at Art MoCo after the jump.


Colourful installations by Choi Jeong Hwa are composed of everyday objects like balloons and plastic containers to highlight the relationship between natural and artificial.


Nuno de Matos translates graffiti from the streets of Lisbon and Barcelona to canvases of urban calligraphy.


Robin’s egg blue, jars filed with gentle scenes and cake stands that house memories of childhood make up part of Amy Rice’s new collection.


Tim Wirth serves up sauerkraut, peanut butter and a whole lotta’ pop in his latest works.


Deanna Templeton takes us to the world of teens who use their skin as message boards.

More at Art MoCo.

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