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This landscape in a cup is drawn with the variation in thickness of its walls.

Details: Designed by Jin-woog Koo of the Nothing Design Group and Bo-hyung Kim of Bo&Bong Ceramic Art Studio, the landscape illustration on the Lighting Cup is derived from Soomook-sansuhwa, a traditional Korean landscape painting. Reinterpreted as illuminated ceramic art, the landscape is “drawn” with the variation in thickness of the cup walls.


Says the designer, “the cup illustrates the classic Oriental landscape painting (Soomook-sansuwha), reproducing shading characteristic of the traditional ink stick and delineating traces of mountains.”


“The Lighting Cup is designed for everyday use. It is useable as a teacup and as a delicate lighting cover for the provided LED saucer. When illuminated, moonlit landscape is illustrated gently on the cup.”


“The Design of the Lighting Cup revisits the traditional Korean landscape painting in three-dimension which elegantly reflects meditative Asian sentiment with our ‘Affective Artwork’.”


The Lighting Cup is useable as a teacup and turns into ornamental lighting when combined with the cover which has an embedded LED light. The light is turned on and off with with a touch interface and is powered by a rechargeable battery that supports a Micro-USB connection.


Source: Via MOCO Submit.




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