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These 3D printed ceramics are baked and glazed using ancient techniques.

Details: Designed by Andrea Reggiani and Davide Tuberga, their 3D printed ceramic collection represents an easy way to transfigure knowledge and ideas into concrete objects, highly simplifying the production process.

The machine used to produce the collection is built to extrude clay. Adds Reggiani and Tuberga, “the designer increases the possible shapes the object can assume, allowing the ceramic to be molded with geometrical silhouette in a faster and easier way than the traditional techniques.”


“Created inside the beating heart of the artisan Venice, this new collections of vases, cups and lamps fully shows the innovative aspects of the 3D printing technique.”


“The strength, which characterizes the 3D ceramic printing project, is the fusion between technology and tradition.” says Andrea Reggiani about his work.


All the objects are first computer designed with 3D modeling programs. The printing table remains fixed while a movable slider with a central extruder generates a continuous thread of material, creating the object layer by layer.


“Once the object is printed and dried, it is baked and glazed according to ancient procedures, combining innovation and tradition in one single item.”



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