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The Price of Everything by Jennie Barrese


Jennie Barrese makes the shift from photography to painting with her upcoming show. Evocative of specimens under a microscope from a stark, unknown world, the paintings give off a surreal, yet organic, vibe. The artist explains where she is with this series of work, “Sometimes we come to a place in our lives where we must burn everything to the ground. There comes an energy that takes root inside of us, grows slowly and devours parts of what we once were. It is simply unavoidable. We must either throw gas on the fire or smolder and gradually break under its heat. We must be reborn.”

Artist: Jennie Barrese


The Price of Everything, a solo exhibition of works by Jennie Barrese, opens November 21 and runs through January 4, 2014 at Porter Contemporary in New York.


The City Will Eat Us All


The Illusion of Choice


If It Sprouts Legs We Must Kill It

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